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Business Insights Thailand
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9:30 am
Delegate Registration & Light Refreshments
10:30 pm

Welcome & Opening Address

11:00 am

Panel One: Mapping the Future – Pillars of Diversity

What are the risks and rewards for Thailand as Southeast Asia's 2nd largest economy envisions itself as a member of the ASEAN Economic Community? In an era dominated by fits and starts over divergent global monetary policies, "the Land of Smiles" has shown its resilient nature in the face of recent political turbulence, weak overseas growth and even natural disasters.

But how much does the country stand to gain from the creation of a regional trade bloc that aims to boost ASEAN competitiveness? Are the ambitions of Thai private businesses to further integrate themselves within ASEAN being matched by the public sector? How are Thai businesses mapping the future as the momentum builds to let goods, services, investments, capital flows and even skilled labor move freely across the borders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations?

Channel NewsAsia's Business Insights examines "Thailand's Pillars of Diversity", the success stories in enterprise and innovation that have put the Thai brand name on the global stage through agility, know-how and competitive edge.

Panel one discussion will be moderated by Ms Chloe Cho - Presenter/Executive Producer, Channel NewsAsia

12:15 pm

Networking lunch

12:45 pm

Panel Two: Thailand – Blueprint & Gateway for ASEAN

Thailand's position in Indochina has made it a natural hub for the region. As a member of ASEAN 6, Thailand's economy is ahead and more matured than the rest of Indochina, which forms the CLMV states (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam). The dynamics of global, regional and local politics and economics have created a special push-pull factor for Thailand to leverage itself as a hub and a window to Indochina-ASEAN.

First off, rising wages, an ageing population, and a rapidly growing middle-class have made it necessary for Thailand to move up the economic value chain fast. From technology, marketing to creativity, Thailand stands out in the region. Secondly, the peace, stability and reforms in CLMV have turned the countries into attractive, promising and fast growing economies. As it stands, Vietnam is already one of the brightest spots of not only the region, but also the world. These changes create unique challenges and opportunities for Thailand. How well has Thailand reacted to this? From many indicators, Thailand has done well, and stayed ahead of the competition. The next step then, is how should Thailand ride the integration of the ASEAN Community, and create win-win solutions."

Panel two discussion will be facilitated by Mr Panu Wongcha-um – Correspondent, IndoChina Bureau, Channel NewsAsia

2:00 pm

Wrap-up & closing

2:30 pm

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Channel NewsAsia Thailand Business Insights 2015 provides an excellent atmosphere to gain insightful understanding of the country's economic growth & business successes.